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Besides the Enthronement Ceremony, the Rabelo Boat Regatta (the flat-bottomed boats used for bring Port Wine from the Douro to Oporto), is the other annual important event of the Confraria. These two events concur with the festivities of the patron saint of the city of Oporto – St John – on the 24 June and add to the spirit of celebration and joy of the City and: the Port Wine..

Presence of the Confraria do Vinho do Porto in the Great Events of Portugal

It is today established that the Confraria do Vinho do Porto is well known and prestigious, and forms an integral part of the values that characterize the heritage of Oporto, of Port Wine and ultimately of all of Portugal.

Whenever the city of Oporto receives illustrious visitors the Confraria is granted the very honourable mission of rendering them the guard of honour.

1983 – Visit of H.M. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to the city of Oporto.
1986 – Visit of the Queen of Sweden to the city of Oporto.
1998 – Great Meeting Ibero-American with all the Presidents of Stat of South América, at the city of Oporto.
1999 – Presence on the Port Wine Vintage’s of the Century, on the Palace of Exchange, organized by IVDP.
2004 – Institutional presence on the “I Simpósio das Confrarias Báquicas e Gastronómicas de Portugal”.
2007 – Presence on the Conference of Ministers of Agriculture and Ambassadors of the EU.

International Events and Enthronement Ceremonies

1993 – Enthronement Ceremony at Osaka, Japan
1995 - Enthronement Ceremony at São Paulo, Brazil
1996 – Enthronement Ceremony at Curitiba, Brazil
1997 – Enthronement Ceremony at S. Francisco and New York, USA
2000 – Enthronement Ceremony at Montreal, Canada
2005 – Enthronement Ceremony at Zamora, Spain
2010 – Enthronement Ceremony at Xangai, Macau and Hong Kong – China
2011 – Enthronement Ceremony at S. Paulo, Brazil.