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The Proclamation of the Confraria Vintage is one of the highlights in the life of the Confraria. Like the Annual Enthronement of New Members and the Rabelo Boat Race, the Proclamation of the Confraria Vintage is one of the most unique festive events for the entire Port Wine Trade.
The Solemn Proclamation of a Confraria Vintage is decided upon by the Chancellery after it has been informed by the majority of Port Wine companies whose management are Active Members of the Confraria, that each intends to declare a Vintage year.

The Chancery of the Porto Wine Brotherhood decides, in certain years, to make a Confraria Vintage Port – an act that many people have come to interpret as the “declaration” of a Vintage, which led the Port Wine Brotherhood to issue a clarification in 2017 (following the declaration of 2015 by numerous producers).

This, in simple terms, stated that the four steps are:

♦ “Declaration” is the responsibility of the winemaker or producer
♦ “Certification” is the function of the IVDP
♦ “Classification” is made by the wine critics and customers, and
♦ “Celebration” is carried out by the Port Wine Brotherhood.

To celebrate, the Port Wine Brotherhood holds an open tasting of the Vintage Ports produced by its members, which culminates in the ceremonial blending of a bottle of each of the Vintage Ports featured in the tasting. Each member contributes six bottles which the Head-Cupbearer receives and defines which is the final blend which will be made as the Confraria Vintage Port.

This blend is the exclusive responsibility of the Head-Cupbearer, who aims to make a top wine to represent the Vintage of the year to be bottled by the Confraria, which is then submitted to the IVDP for certification as Vintage Port.

Like so many things in Port, thankfully, there is always a little mystery in what the blend is, but we all know that it is top quality…as is all Vintage Port!

The Confraria Vintage’s are: 1982, 1983, 1985, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2016 and 2017.

  • Vintage Confraria 1982
  • Vintage Confraria 1983
  • Vintage Confraria 1985
  • Vintage Confraria 1991
  • Vintage Confraria 1994
  • Vintage Confraria 1997
  • Vintage Confraria 2000
  • Vintage Confraria 2003
  • Vintage Confraria 2007
  • Vintage Confraria 2011
  • Vintage Confraria 2016
  • Vintage Confraria 2017